The Spirit of A Child
lyrics by Monte Murdock

What brings our families near this blessed time of year?
What power binds, unites, and confuses hate and fear?
It imparts a warming glow, though the world is bound in snow.
It swells the human heart to embrace a noble cause.
 It drives a man to need to know how to absolve his repentant soul.
Is it a feeling, is it a pow'r, or is it more?

It's the spirit of a child who shepherds adore.
The spirit of a child the wicked abhor.
It's the spirit of a child wise men journey for,
It's the spirit of a man, a humble carpenter.

Midst the bells and trees and toys and the other Christmas joys
There's something inside but unexplained.
It's that perfect repose that the giver only knows
Inspired by a child who gave to save our souls.

It comes to those who seek; the humble, poor and meek.
The promise to make strong what once was weak.
Then the feelings increase to need to know the Prince of Peace.
So must it be just once a year, or can we find it always there?

It's the spirit of a child we celebrate his birth.
Try the spirit of a child our Father sent to earth.
Test the spirit of the child who grew to be a man.
Feel the spirit of our Lord, He is the great I AM!

He is the holy Lamb.